Bondi Beach Semi

Bondi Beach SemiĀ 

A semi is reinvigorated with an atypical second floor addition

Angus & Petrea were in possession of a semi-detached home in a prime location in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, but the spaces were too cramped for their young family. When a semi is extended, it is crucial to ensure that the second floor does not impact negatively on the neighbours or the appearance of the pair of houses as viewed from the street. Typically you see pitched roof additions that on the surface appear to be sympathetic to the form of the semis, however, they often create spaces that are tight and limited.

Our clients’ home was paired with a semi that already had a second floor addition. It was going to be hard to get an atypical second floor approved; the Council initially preferred a mirror copy. However to their credit, Waverley Council saw that the proposed addition would be an improvement in terms of light and amenity, and was a subtle and sensitive addition to the house, if less common in appearance.

The second floor is a distinctly modern insertion into the original roof, clad in an aluminium sheeting facade system (sourced from Hunter Douglas Commercial), floating on a band of weatherboard cladding, painted dark grey, that separates it from the original brick wall of the first storey. The addition encompasses a new kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, with 2 new bedrooms and a new bathroom on the first floor. Clerestory windows allow abundant light into the first floor landing, the bathrooms, and additional indirect light to the bedrooms, as well as cross ventilation.

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