Newport Interior Design

Newport Interior Design

bright seaside living through interior design


“As professionals in the business of style, Annette (a film producer) and Michael (an advertising creative director) naturally became closely involved in setting the right mood, particularly for the interiors. They could have chosen any look and pulled it together beautifully, but would it have been appropriate? As Peter Willett interpreted: ‘This place was about a lifestyle by the sea, about a feeling of relaxation and comfort and an airy, spacious atmosphere.”

Vogue Living

The design was a project of rejuvenation and repair, with careful preservation of the thematic identity of the timber beach home. Timber roof trusses were exposed, weatherboards patched, customised bookshelves added, and all spaces unified with flat and waxed white paints. The cohesion of new and old elements is further enhanced with newly available natural sunlight bouncing off all internal surfaces. The relationship between the outdoor and interior spaces was also carefully fostered, with originally cramped central living spaces opened out onto expansive decks on the seaward facade. This ocean perspective gives the home it’s identity, which the clients responded to with the addition of classic 20th century furniture and marine nostalgia.

PWA saw potential in the run down cottage, and created a stylish and relaxed home that enjoys an airy and spacious beachside atmosphere.

Photography by Roger Johnstone