Newport Natural Light

Newport Natural Light

with natural light and idyllic views abundant, good design turns luck into luxury


This Newport site was a perfect coincidence of true north orientation and view. In order to maximize the amazing potential of the new home, however, the challenges of the steep landform needed to be overcome.

PWA’s solution was to design a split-level building with two opposing sail elements running up through its centre. The curved sails perforate up through all levels of the building, confining the service spaces between them and separating the living areas beyond. The sails act as passive environmental control mechanisms for the building, reflecting light deep into the rear interior of the building, and directing airflow into louvres at the building’s sides.

The living spaces and bedrooms are stacked on the harbourside for maximum view and solar advantage, with folding doors providing large openings to the garden and water. The kitchen and dining areas are located on the bottom level of the home, linking directly to the forecourt entertainment area and steps leading down through the garden to the private jetty.

With the inspiration of the sails on the harbour, PWA created a luxurious and responsive home that capitalises fully on its amazing location.